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Over the years, I have purchased my craft materials from various different classes, stores and online merchants. I wanted to start a craft directory list so people can easily find the right tools and resources to get started on each craft. I will also be sharing Discounts and Coupon deals as I come across them.

Aussie Metal Clay

Address PO Box 448 East Maitland NSW 2323 Australia Website: Aussie Metal Clay


I’d love to introduce you to the world of Aussie Metal Clay! Made from fabulous Australian Metals, and made in Australia. It’s a very special place to be, where you are only limited by your own imagination. Our passion for this media is growing after years of solid testings on what we consider to be wonderful Metal Clays. We continue to discover and push the boundaries of what Metal Clay can be and can achieve. We continue to challenge ourselves to always bring you the best of what Australian metal Clay has to offer. Expanding the initial range of High and Medium Temperature Clays, we look forward to what the next discovery will be…

So, you ask what can you achieve with Aussie Metal Clays & what is it like??

  • Easy to mix
  • Clay is not sticky – so keeps your hands nice and clean
  • Gives you a long working time
  • Hard to break in green stage
  • Drys at low temperatures
  • Takes textures well
  • Silky in feel and rolls out like a dream
  • Very forgiving
  • Easy to rehydrate
  • Stays flexible in their natural state without the need additional products
  • Able to be sculpted
  • Easy to clean
  • Works with either a single or a 2 stage firing schedule
  • Can be used in both the brick and the muffle kilns
  • Kiln firing only
  • Base metals fire in activated Coconut Carbon
  • Fire multiple colours at the same temperature
  • Flexible in standard formula
  • Super Flexible in new super Flex formula
  • Can fire with embedded CZ’s
  • Be used on the Cameo Silhouette Machine to provide intricate designs for your works of art.
  • Be etched on the Cameo Silhouette Machine
  • Create a final piece with a high shine, like a mirror finish

We also provide

  • Video tutorials
  • Facebook group support
  • Skype Support

Super Flex now available in the 5 Medium fire base metal colours
Super Flex now available in .999 & .960 Silvers

We will continue on our path of discovery with Aussie Metal Clay where we push the boundaries to see where metal clay can take us. With this in mind our motto is – give anything a try! As us Aussies would say “Just HAVE A GO! SHE’LL BE RIGHT MATE!!!”

Yes you can be assured that we have become addicted to our metal clays… Let us all “Release The Artist Within!”

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