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Three easy ways to make Easter Bunnies with a Washcloth -

Three Easy Ways to make Easter Bunnies with a Washcloth for your Easter Baskets

Do you need something special to add to your Easter baskets? With Easter just around the corner, I wanted to incorporate something quick and easy to add a little extra something to the Easter baskets. Here are three ways to make Easter bunnies using a washcloth to hide chocolate treat or Easter eggs in their bellies.

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Pegboards to the rescue

Pegboards to the Rescue for all your Embroidery and Sewing Accessories

Organizing Ideas for Machine Embroidery and Sewing Accessories with Pegboards With every New Year, I seem to get into a cleaning and organizing mood. This past January, I spent it trying to organize my machine embroidery and sewing accessories in my craft room. Things were all over the place and it was so hard to find […]

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Great Back to School Deals for your Craft Room

I can’t believe it’s August already, where did the year go? The summer flew by so quickly and all the stores are already putting out supplies for the new school year. Lots of parents are getting their lists together and buying supplies as they get their kids ready for school in a few weeks.. I […]

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Easy Easter Egg Quilted Ornament (No Sew)

Easter is coming.. Have you ever wondered why the bunny and eggs are related to Easter? Everyone knows there is no such thing as a bunny who lays eggs but yet around Easter time, you see lots of chocolates and candies with bunnies and eggs to give gifts to children. History of Easter Bunny and […]

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Dreaming of a White Christmas.. Snowflake Name Gifts

I’m dreaming of a White Christmas tomorrow and I have an 65% chance of getting some snow tomorrow 🙂 I’m being optimistic that we will have a white Christmas this year, even if it’s only with a few inches. Snow on Christmas makes the holidays more special. The beauty about snow it is made up […]

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No Sew Christmas Quilted Ornaments

Who loves Christmas??? Thanksgiving is over and the spirit of Christmas is in the air with the kick off the shopping season. One of my favorite things about Christmas is putting up the tree with all different kinds of ornaments. So this year I found a cool inspiration to make quilted ornaments with no sewing […]

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Spring Cleaning my Craft Room

Spring has finally arrived, but why does it feel like winter still!!! It’s been cold and raining last few weeks so I’ve had more time to stay home and start my Spring cleaning. So with Spring here, it’s time to air out the house and do some much needed spring cleaning in the house, especially […]

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No Sew Magic Quilt

No Sew “Quilt Magic” Tutorial for Easter

With Easter right around the corner, I wanted to try out a new product I found called Quilt Magic. You can make a beautiful quilt block with this simple technique and best of all, it requires NO SEWING!!! Easter Cross Quilt Magic Tutorial Quilt Magic is similar to “painting by numbers” but you use fabric. […]

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Help Needed: Support your local Sew or Quilt shop

Have you ever dreamed of owning your very own quilt shop? I have q local quilt shop that is looking for a buyer to take over because the owners are ready to retire.. I thought about it for a long moment. The idea of owning my own quilt shop was a very appealing. But of […]

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Exhausted at Sew & Quilt Expo! Who knew sitting and sewing all day was so exhausting?

I’m so excited about going to Pittsburgh in a few weeks.. It will be my first time going to the Original Sewing & Quilt Expo in Pittsburgh, PA. Is anyone going there too? Has anyone been there before? What did you like about it? What classes did you take? I’ve signed up for some awesome […]

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Much needed Birthday Getaway at Lancaster Quilt Week

This weekend, my husband took me away for a much needed gateway to celebrate my birthday.. It just so happens that Lancaster, PA was having a Quilt Week so we decided to make plans to fill the whole weekend in Lancaster. There were multiple events being offered during the week for all those sewing and […]

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