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Pegboards to the rescue

Pegboards to the Rescue

Organizing Ideas for Machine Embroidery and Sewing Accessories with Pegboards With every New Year, I seem to get into a cleaning and organizing mood. This past January, I spent it trying to organize my machine embroidery and sewing accessories in my craft room. Things were¬†all over the place and it was so hard to find […]

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Dreaming of a White Christmas.. Snowflake Name Gifts

I’m dreaming of a White Christmas tomorrow and I have an 65% chance of getting some snow tomorrow ūüôā I’m being optimistic that we will have a white Christmas this year, even if it’s only with a few inches. Snow on Christmas makes the holidays more special. The beauty about snow it is made up […]

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Personalized Wedding Gifts with Machine Embroidery

Embroidery machines is an awesome hobby to learn as it allows you to create a lot of different gifts. ¬†After I purchased a Janome MC9900 sewing and embroidery machine combo, I was able to make personalized¬†gifts for all endless weddings that I was invited to. ¬†It seems like all my friends got married one right […]

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Getting Started with Machine Embroidery Threads

If you’re new to Machine Embroidery, there was a slight learning curve. It’s slightly different than just regular sewing. In sewing, you only have to worry about the needle and the thread tension. With machine embroidery, you have to learn about the different threads, types of stabilizers and which one to use for the various […]

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Can you fall in love with a super Sewing Machine?

Wedding season is coming up. How many weddings can a girl get invited to in one season. Several years ago, I was at the stage in my life where I was getting married and so were all my friends.¬† For a period of 3-4 years, I had average of 10 friends getting married per year.¬† […]

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Last day in Pittsburgh for Day 3 at the Original Sewing and Quilt Expo

So yesterday was the last and final day of the Original Sewing and Quilting Expo in Pittsburgh. It was a great last day.. I had two more hands on classes and last minute shopping to do before the expo closed out. Last two classes was very light as compared to the first day. I was […]

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