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Pegboards to the Rescue for all your Embroidery and Sewing Accessories

Pegboards to the rescue

Organizing Ideas for Machine Embroidery and Sewing Accessories with Pegboards

With every New Year, I seem to get into a cleaning and organizing mood. This past January, I spent it trying to organize my machine embroidery and sewing accessories in my craft room. Things were all over the place and it was so hard to find something when I need it most. It took more time to finish a project because I was wasting too much time trying to find the items I needed. So enough was enough, it was time to organize.

My goal was to focus on the most important accessories that I frequently use when working on a sewing or embroidery projects such as embroidery hoops, threads, stabilizers, scissors, rulers and a whole lot of fabric.  I decided to use pegboards in my craft room to help organize, make it visible and easily accessible.  Narrowing things down was hard to do but after some trial and error, I was able to pick out the items that I use most frequently to place on the pegboards.

  1. Pegboards for Embroidery Hoops

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    The first items I wanted to tackle was my Embroidery hoops. I have the original Brother hoops that came with my PR620 embroidery machine and I also invested in yellow clamp style hoops called HoopTech in the lower right hand corner.  The clamp style hoops are the ones I used the most as it’s easy to slide in and slide out any item you’re trying to embroider. Pegboards for hoopsMy husband was kind enough to purchase and install this 2 ft x 4 ft pegboards from local hardware store. When putting up a Pegboard, it’s important to leave a few inches of space between the wall and the pegboard as you need room for the hooks in the back to be lifted and set in place. I recommend you purchase a pegboard mounting kit that comes with spacers and screws. Also look for different types of hooks as you’ll need different sizes or styles.

    Power Drill Holder/HookFor the largest embroidery hoop, I found a Power Drill holder/hook with soft black vinyl coating to protect the hoop from being moving or being scratched.

    2 prong steel hook
    For smaller hoops, I used  2 prong steel hooks to keep the hoops stable and supported properly. The 2 prong steel hooks were harder to find and more expensive but it was totally worth it.

  2. Pegboards for Sewing Notions

    Magnetic Strip A girl can never have too many scissors 😁. For small scissors and tweezers, I stole the idea from a kitchen product that is used to store knives on this powerful magnetic rack. This makes it easy to grab small items and I can space them out easily.  For midsize scissors, I found that using a screw driver holder worked beautifully for what I needed.  I also picked up these little cute blue plastic bins that I put in small accessories like seam ripper, tweezers and fabric clips.

    Pegboard Pliers holderFor larger scissors the couldn’t fit in the screw driver holder, I found that Pliers holders works the best. I can fit two scissors and other hand tools in these pliers holders.

  3. Pegboards for Rulers and Stabilizers

    retail spinning metal pegboard
    I found a 3 sided, spinning metal pegboard from a retail store that was going out of business.  I was able to get these long hooks that they used to hang their products as part of the deal 🙂

    embroidery stabilizer pegboard
    When placing the hooks, think about how to maximize the space you have and if you need to have any wiggle room.  Try to space the hooks very close to each other to give it just enough space to fit the roll.

    long metal pegboard hooksFor the different embroidery stabilizers,  i used two different length hooks.  The long hooks can be used to double up with two rolls in same row.  The shorter hooks, I used for the fatter rolls or slim rolls.  It all depends on what size rolls you have.   The white roll in the picture above, is to show that the gap in the hooks is too much. The distance between the hooks needs to be really tight like the black roll under it. This setup makes it easy to grab the stabilizer I need and I can see it all in one place.

    hanging rulers on pegboardOn a different side of the spinning pegboard, I added L-hooks to hang my fabric rulers.  I like the L-hooks because it’s flat so rulers can easily slide off and on.  Therefore, I recommend buying a Pegboard Hook Assortment pack of 50 or 100 so you can figure out which hook best works for your specific needs.

  4. Pegboard for Sewing Threads

    Pegboard basket
    For my sewing desk, I added one more pegboard for spool threads, bobbins and misc sewing accessories. I had a wooden bobbin organizer that had a kick stand to put on your desk surface but I didn’t like that it could fall over or slide around so I used an L-hook to hand it on the Pegboard. For the large spools, I used the long hooks. For the small spools, I added a row of L-hooks and used the black plastic to stabilize the hook and keep it from moving around. See the red tip scissor underneath the spools to see the L-hook with the black plastic stabilizer.

    And lastly, I put three pegboard basket bins to put miscellaneous items. The baskets came in a set of 4 that you can put a lot of things in it.  I bought 3 sets of these basket and used the larger ones on my embroidery hook pegboard in the first picture at the top of this blog.

Hope this helps to give you ideas on how to organize your craft room using pegboards. I would love hear or see your craft room organization tips that worked for you.
Happy Crafting!

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    Jennifer Brand

    April 4, 2018

    My 12 year old daughter is the sewer in the family. I might have to do something like this for her in her room!


      April 5, 2018

      Ohh yes Jennifer, your daughter will love it. It’s quick and easy. Plus it can be changed up and rearranged anytime so as she grows or changes her mind, it’s easily adaptable.

    Mommy Dearest

    April 4, 2018

    Ahhh this is fantastic. With spring cleaning on my to do list I’m always looking for ways to save space and organize and I would have never thought to use peg boards. Looks like a trip to the hardware store is in order to organize my craft supplies.


      April 5, 2018

      That’s awesome 😍. Hope the peg board work out for you as it did for me.


    April 6, 2018

    I’ve always seen these used for organizing tools. I LOVE the different approach you took with yours!

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