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Easy Easter Egg Quilted Ornament (No Sew)

Easter egg quilted ornament
Easter is coming.. Have you ever wondered why the bunny and eggs are related to Easter? Everyone knows there is no such thing as a bunny who lays eggs but yet around Easter time, you see lots of chocolates and candies with bunnies and eggs to give gifts to children.

History of Easter Bunny and Eggs

Some say that Easter bunny first arrived in America in the 1700s with German immigrants who settled in Pennsylvania and transported their tradition of an egg-laying hare called “Osterhase” or “Oschter Haws.” Their children made nests in which this creature could lay its colored eggs. Eventually, the custom spread across the U.S. and now Easter seems to be the second most celebrated holiday after Christmas as it’s a great time for family to get together to EAT. Of course,  you will never find egg laying bunnies in the Bible. 😄

This year, I’m planning to spend Easter with a great couple who has been close friends for many years. They are always so generous to open their home to me and I leave their house always full beyond belief. So I wanted to make something special to thank them for their generosity and for hosting Easter lunch. I modified the traditional Christmas Quilted Ornaments balls from December into a Egg Cross Quilted Ornament. I hope my friend will like this handmade Easter Egg.  Happy Easter.
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What handmade gifts have you made for the Easter holiday?

Easter Cross Quilted Ornament Tutorial

Materials Needed:

* 3in ribbons in color 1 and color 2
* 1 strip of fabric color 3 into a 2 1/4in x 10in rectangle or 3in ribbon x 10in
* 10in of 3/8in ribbon for top bow
* 4in Styrofoam egg
* Box of dressmaker pins
* 1 large pearl head pin
* Hot glue gun or glue
* Scissors
* Ruler
* Crystals, beads, other small embellishments (optional)If you need a refresher on how to make the ornament, see Christmas Quilted Ornament post. Or check out this step by step tutorial from SewMcCool.
See bottom of this page for recommended products to start this project.

Step 1:

Cut color 1 & color 2 ribbon in half long ways to get 1 1/2in strips. Then cut into 24 rectangles 2 1/2in in length.
Start Ornament same way as traditional quilted ornament with 4 rectangles with ribbon/fabric color 1. Fold 4 rectangle in half and then fold the ends towards the middle into triangles.

Using 5 pins each, tack down each triangle at the center of the egg Styrofoam as the first layer. 1 pin at the top triangle point where the center of the 4 triangles meet (green arrow #1) and 1 on each corner of the triangle (green arrow #2 & #4) and 2 in the center to hold the ends of the ribbon/fabric (green arrow #3). Repeat tacking down 5 pins per triangle to form a square as shown in the picture.
Easter egg quilted ornament

Step 2:

Add 4 triangles of ribbon/fabric color 2 and place them on top of color 1 with a little bit of distance (about 3/8 inch) as shown in the picture. The triangle on the bottom (south position), move it further down to start forming the cross.
Easter egg quilted ornament

Step 3:

Add another 4 triangles of color 2 into the empty slots between the first two steps, allowing the same width of color 1 fabric to show.
Easter egg quilted ornament

Step 4:

Add 4 triangles of color 1 and place them a little bit further down from color 2.
Easter egg quilted ornament

Step 5:

Add another 4 triangles of color 1 into the empty slots between the last two steps, allowing the same width of color 2 fabric to show.
Easter egg quilted ornament

Step 6:

Repeat Steps 4 & 5 with fabric color 3. This step should almost completely cover the whole Styrofoam egg. If you have more than 1 inch of the Styrofoam still showing, try to redo Step 6 and place them further down until more Styrofoam is covered.
Easter egg quilted ornament

Step 7:

Using color 3, cut ribbon/fabric 2 inches by 10 inch long or long enough to cover the circumfrane of the egg Stryrofoam (long wise) and 3x wide enough to cover the left over Styrofoam not covered in Step 6. Fold the ribbon/fabric long wise in fourths and fold 1/4 inch on each side in towards the middle as shown in the picture. Iron down the 2 slides to create the fold creases.
Easter egg quilted ornament

Step 8:

Using hot gun and pins, tack down 2 pins and add glue on the underside from one end of the fabric strip from Step 7. Wrap the fabric strip all the way around the egg Styrofoam and add glue under the strip as you go. Cut off any access fabric once you complete wrapping the entire length of the egg.
Easter egg quilted ornament

Step 9:

Double check and add additional glue underside the fabric strip to make sure all the Styrofoam is completely covered and tuck in or trim off any fabric frays that might be sticking out.
Easter egg quilted ornament

Step 10:

Embellish the sides of the egg with another color ribbon, beads or rhinestones. Embellish the top of the egg with ribbon and make a loop for hanging the egg. To secure the top ribbon, use a large head sewing pin and dip it in glue. Stick the center of the ribbon on the pin and dip the pin into glue before tacking it in to the Styrofoam. Check out Prairie Creations Ornaments site for detailed tutorial for making the top bow
Easter egg quilted ornament

~~Words of Encouragement~~
“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.” John 3:16
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