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Lovely day for a Japanese Summer Festival

Today was a gorgeous day for a Japanese Summer Festival at Mitsuwa. Located in Edgewater, NJ overlooking the NYC skyline, the Festival was packed with lots of people. Good thing I came early before the crowd. I arrived at the right time when a Tsukasa Taiko live Performance was starting. They also had a variety of food stalls and festival activities for the kids to make it like the ones you see in anime series.

The best part was the food, of course. 🙂
The lines for the food stalls was long but it was worth the wait.. Yummm.

They had Yakisoba Pan-fried Noodle, Okonomiyaki Pancake, Cotton Candy, Hiyash Ramen, Hayashi Rice, Gyoza, Iced Green Tea, Grilled Lobster, Grilled Scallop, Yakitori Skewered Chicken, Shaved Ice and my newly discovered favorite, the Yakionigiri Grilled Rice ball.. Yum, so any choices 🙂

The Yaki Onigiri Grilled Rice ball is exactly what the same suggest. It’s grilled rice ball. They grill the rice ball until it’s crispy on the outside. It’s coated with soy sauce as it’s being grilled. I love crispy rice.. Check out this awesome tutorial on how to make Yaki Onigiri for yourself. I’m definitely going to try it soon.

Pictures from the Japanese Summer Festival

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People were also encouraged to dress up with Yukatas and Kimonos as this is a Japanese tradition. There were so many cute kids dressed up in Yukatas.. Kawaii..

If you have never visited Mitsuwa Marketplace, it’s a Japanese supermarket with a great food court filled with delicious Japanese food and desserts. I included pictures above of the food options inside the food court. They have everything on display so it’s easier to see what you’re going to get if you’re not familiar with Japanese cuisine. They frequently have special events to bring in specialized foods from all different areas of Japan. It’s a must try. Check to see if there is Mitsuwa in your area.

~~Words of Encouragement~~
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