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Help Needed: Support your local Sew or Quilt shop

Have you ever dreamed of owning your very own quilt shop? I have q local quilt shop that is looking for a buyer to take over because the owners are ready to retire.. I thought about it for a long moment. The idea of owning my own quilt shop was a very appealing. But of course my husband reasoned me out of the idea very quickly. He said if I was ready to retire from my day job then maybe he would consider it. But he knew I would not be able to sit still, manning a shop. I’m still way too hyper and want to do too many things that I can’t sit still for long.

Quilt Shop App

But the local quilt shops serves a purpose for a lot of quilters and sewers out there. Without the quilt shops, we would be restricted to the major craft stores to buy fabrics. I like the quilt shops much better because they are so much more personable and are always so ready to assist you in your project or answer your questions. The quilt shop I frequently visit, knows my name after just attending one class. It’s so much more pleasant to shop there because they are interested in what I’m working on or offering me tips for my projects. So go support your local quilt shop as you pick out your next fabric, notion or project because they cannot survive without your help. If you have an iPhone, check out the Quilt Shops app to find quilt shops near you. So with that said, I wanted to share about the wonderful vendors that participated in the Original Sewing & Quilt Expo in Pittsburgh. These vendors were awesome because they were not there to just sell you their products but they took the time to share their ideas and projects at the Stage presentations through out the expo. I got to chat with a lot of them as I made my shopping rounds. I couldn’t resist in buying a few things. Once I get a chance to try them out, I’ll post reviews about the products. But for now, here is a list of some of the vendors that had great tips or sold a must have product.

  • Gloria Horn Sewing Studio – Local Pittsburgh, PA Sewing Store that sponsored the Babylocks machines for a few of the hands-on workshop classes. They have a few machines left over from the expo at a great discount so if you’re interested in buying one of the workshop used sergers or sewing machines, give Gloria a call. The shop offers free classes for all who buy sewing machines from them so check out their website for more info. I wish I was closer, the classes sounded like they go into depth with your machine. They recently had Martha Pullen sewing retreat.

  • Sew Special – Local Uniontown, PA Sewing Store that provided Husqvarna Viking embroidery machines for one of the workshop classes. I had a great time trying the Designer Ruby Royale during one of my workshops. They had a great offer where if you buy any Husqvarna Viking machine at the expo, you and a friend get a free weekend retreat with your new machine. They are hosting a classes and events for all levels in Uniontown, PA.  But even if you didn’t buy one at the expo, they still host these clases often so check them out.
Husqvarna Viking Designer Diamond Sewing Machine with Embroidery Unit

Husqvarna Viking Designer Diamond Sewing Machine with Embroidery Unit

  • Creative Stitches Cafe – Local Monroeville,PA Sewing & Quilt shop that had displayed lots of great projects on display and showcased Floriani Products. One of the items that I want to try is embroidering or quilting a flower with Floriani’s Heat N Shrink product and watch the flower shrink by 30%. They recently had a Floriani event at their store and gave away tons of Floriani stuff for attending. I’m going to find a Floriani event near me.

  • Creative Feet – Clare Rowley, inventor of the Creative Feet and Octi-Hoops was the demoing her products throughout the expo. If you have never met Clare, she is awesome to listen to. Her live demos are so cool that you could just sit there and watch her all day. Creative Feet are three sewing feet that can be used by any sewing machine and can do 61 different techniques. Check out her videos on how these awesome feet works.
Satinedge Foot
Satinedge Foot
Pearls 'N Piping Foot
Pearls ‘N Piping Foot
Sequins 'N Ribbon Foot
Sequins ‘N Ribbon Foot

  • Designs by Hope Yoder – Make fabric buttons using one of Hope Yoder’s Button~Ups Fabric Button Cover System. These button systems are so quick and fun to do. Hope has made it so easy to do by providing the button system, designs and supplies to get you started quickly. With these button systems, you can make regular pin back buttons all the way to mirrors depending on which size system you decide to buy. Check out the buttons I made during Hope’s workshop.

  • Sew Artfully Yours – Cindy Losekamp taught a workshop to make 3D embroidery applique. It was very simple to do for any beginner. The 3D embroidery is so new that it’s is not listed on her website yet. So just contact her and ask for the Barn Animals 3D Embroidery designs. Her booth was filled with so many different techniques from dying lace to redesigning new looks for sweatshirts. She also had great sewing notions that she showcased. She had the Best Applique Scissors which was made by Heritage Cutlery with her specifications. Read her story on how she got these awesome scissors created.

  • Londa’s Creative Threads – Londa Rohlfing taught a wonderful class on the proper way of using your sewing machine. She focused on the different parts to get your machine to work well. She went into great details about: 1. different types of needles and how to use each type of needle correctly. 2. Types of thread – the quality of thread, what to use and what not to use. 3. Proper thread tension – top and bottom thread tension 4. Types of pressure foot – what type of feet to useQuestion to ponder: how many times do you think a spot on a thread passes through your machine’s needle eye? Check out Londa’s videosto learn how to transform your sweatshirts into a new garment. She just came out with a new book on her techniques.

  • Beba’s Boutique – Beba sells a few great things like self-healing cutting mats, sewing tables/cabinets, a Turn-Table and an awesome Easy Square ruler. I bought the 18″x 24″ Turn-Table with the self-healing mat included. The best way to describe this table is a cutting mat on a lazy susan. It’s great to cut your fabrics without have to move the fabric or move around your table. You just turn the Turn-Table and cut the next fabric edge. How cool is that. I also bought the Easy Square ruler to help me create perfect squares. The ruler is shaped like a V with a 90 deg angle and it folds in half for easy storage. The lady at the booth demoed the ruler by using regular push pins on the mat to hold the two sides of the ruler. You cut your fabric on the two sides and flip the ruler to do the other side by repositioning it without moving the push pins. I took a picture of the ruler on a tan striped bed sheet with the 90 deg angle to show the angle on the ruler.
Turn-Table with Cutting Mat
Turn-Table with Cutting Mat
Easy Square Ruler
Easy Square Ruler

  • Kandi Corp Embellishments – Kandi had rhinestone zippers and lanyards. It’s all about the BLING!! The lanyard was really comfortable to wear, I was worried that it would itch on my neck but surprisingly it was comfortable and a great attention grabber. The rhinestone zippers are getting to be very popular if you want to add some pizzazz to your project or garment. You can get both items in black or white.

  • Scissors Man – If you have dull scissors, this is the place to be. If I had known about the scissor man, I would have brought all my scissors and knifes to sharpen while at the expo. The booth had a large selection of scissors for all your needs and sizes. He also displayed lamp stands or clip-on with magnifiers that are great for any kind of craft. I love the magnifiers that has the light surrounding it to help light up what you’re looking at.

  • Marathon Thread Guy – This booth is thread heaven. They had thread of every color, including a large selection of variegated threads. The Marathon thread is high quality, Tri-lobal, 100% polyester thread. They also had lots of specialty threads like glow in the dark, neon color, solar active, flat metallic, wash-away, shrink and fusible thread.

Read more about the Original Sewing & Quilting Expo. Part 1: Day 1 & 2 workshops and Make-it booth with Beth Bradley Part 2: Read about the last day and final day of the Expo.. ~~Words of Encouragement~~ Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. Matthew 6:34 (NIV)
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