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The beginning of something new….

Hi 😀
I’m so excited to be starting a blog.. I like to read other people’s blogs and never thought I would start my own.. As the year is soon coming to an end, I’m going to make 2013 the year of new beginnings so here goes nothing..

I’m a IT Project Manager by day and a Craft Enthusiast/wife by night.   I wanted to have a place to share my crafting journey, my creations over the years to help give others inspirations and to share the crafts I’m exploring.  I’m always looking for new crafts and techniques so I wanted a place to share it so others can benefit from the new things I learn or try out.

To start this crafting blog, I was researching about starting a blog and  a particular sentence stuck out at me;  finding a good, dependable blogging topic you can write about forever (from DearBlogger). The word “forever” scared me a bit but after a few weeks of thinking it through, I decided to settle on a combination of my love of learning different crafts, love of all things ❤️hearts❤️ and making handmade gifts for people.  So I decided that my blog would start as a place to showcase my gifts to help inspire others as they look for gifts to make for their someone special. I hope my gifts will help others create their own handmade gifts.

kadohearts_logo IconNow, what do I call my blog? Trying to settle on a name for this blog was probably one of the hardest things to do but I eventually selected with KadoHearts which translates to “Gifts from the Heart”.  The word “Kado” means gifts in Indonesian language. The “Hearts” in the name reflects my love of hearts and my desire to make a gift that will personally touch the person who will be receiving it; from my heart to the heart of the person receiving the gift.

And if I’m brave enough to share, I’ll be posting my karaoke singing where I sing with a lot of awesome people on the Smule Sing! App. I will also share products I have made in classes, teachers I meet along the way, review products I buy and maybe, I’ll share a bit about some of the team building events I host at work :-).

So sit back, grab some coffee and join me on this crafting  journey..

~~Words of Encouragement~~
Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, This is the way; walk in it.” Isaiah 30:21 (NIV)

Made by Bertha

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